Tuesday, September 30, 2008

People's Human Rights Oranisation Condemns the arrest M.N. Ravunni

Janakeeya Manushyavakasa Prasthanam (People's Human Rights Organisation), has condemned the arrest of Porattam general convenor M.N.Ravunni. In a statement the organisation pointed out that the arrest of Ravunni, an ardent critic of state terror, is aimed at keeping him silent behind the bars.

The statement issued by the Organisation is posted here.


M.N.Ravunni General Convenor of Porattam - a mass organisation - was arrested by the police today.

On 31/8/2008 Agaly police arrested two Porattam activists Sunil Babu and Vinod from Goolikadavu following a quarrel with some local people. The Agaly police kept them under illegal detention for two days and also subjected them to custodial torture. They were produced before the Judicial First Class Magistrate, Mannarkkad on 2/9/2008 in crime no.183/2008 on the charges of sedition and conspiracy to wage war against state.

On 1/9/2008 M.N.Ravunni attended a press conference at Palakkad press club accusing the police officers for the violation of human rights and on 2/9/2008 M.N.Ravunni filed a complaint before the State Human Rights Commission praying for the intervention of the commission in this matter.

Two days before Agaly Dy. S.P contacted Mr. Ravunni and informed him to be present at Palakkad S.P Office for recording his statement as instructed by the State Human Rights Commission. Accordingly he went to Palakkad S.P Office on 29/09/2008 and the police took him under custody. He is now under custody of Agaly Dy. S.P and the police arrayed him as an accomplice in crime no.183/2008 under the charge of sedition and conspiracy to wage war against state. The arrest is a counterblast to the complaint raised by him before the Human Rights Commission.

Two weeks ago a Human Right Activist’s Fact Finding Team including Adv. P.A. Pouran, PUCL State Secretary Kerala, Dr. Abdul Salam State Secretary CHRO, Adv Thushar Nirmal Sarathy Convenor Janakeeya Manushyavakasa Prasthanam visited Goolikadavu and nearby places and collected facts behind the arrest of Sunil babu and Vinod. The fact finding team concluded unanimously that the arrest of Sunil and Vinod was illegal and demanded immediate withdrawal of false case registered against them. The Hon’ble High Court of Kerala later granted bail to Sunil and Vinod.

Now the arrest of Ravunni is clearly an act of retaliation, particularly for the role played by him in exposing the human rights violation of Agaly police and also with a larger intention to keep him silent behind bars as he is an ardent critic of the state.

‘JANAKEEYA MANUSHYAVAKASHA PRASTHANAM’ strongly condemns the arrest of M.N.Ravunni and appeal all the democratic forces all over the country to join hands against the STATE TERROR.

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