Monday, March 22, 2010

CPI(M) splits Free Software Movement , with the help of Microsoft

Engineering a split in the free software movement in India the CPI(M) has formed a new organisation.It was at the National Free Software Conference held in Bangalore the CPM fellow travellers and supporters announced the formation of a new organisation called National Free Software Movement of India. It was the multinational corporations who are trying to undermine the free software movement internationally that sponsored the conference.The national secretary of the new organisation is KIran Chandra. Chandra is the representative of Novelle, a major multinational corporation in software industry. And its to be noted that Novelle is a business partner of Microsoft.

Those who launched the free software movement in India with the support of Richard Stallman were completely kept away from the conference. Joseph C Mathew, former IT advisor of Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan pointed out that the organisers of the conference was no way related to free software. It was following the pressure from MIcrosoft Mathew was removed from the post of IT advisor.

Those who know Malayalm may read the details of the news here



Suresh Kodoor said...

And may want to read this report too which exposes the deliberate misinformation campaign being carried out by a few individualistic self-proclaimed arm-chair experts!

- Suresh Kodoor

sk said...

Kiran Chandra is one of the board of directors of FSF-India.

One of the of the FSMI is take the free software to the mass and enable the mass to intervene in policy debates.

The existing organization like FSF can join as coalition partners.

Deshabimani gave the reply ...

sk said...

One of aims of the FSMI is take the free software to the mass and enable the mass to intervene in policy debates.

[ corrected ]

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous...i guess this is the heights of desperation shown by the author of this post. I am a student who has attended the Conference myself and got a chance to talk to most of the organizers of this event. I am a proof to say this organization is one of those which is utmost committed to Free Software and its objectives. Anyone who has seen the presentations and the speakers there would really be impressed and inspired to see the amount of work that many independent groups have been doing in Free Software domain. A commendable job done by the FSM volunteers in bringing so many independent groups under one shelter.