Sunday, May 30, 2010

A sinister attempt

Statement issued to the Press by Porattom condemning the attempt to attribute the responsibility of Bengal train tragedy on the Maoists

Sabotage of train at West Midnapur in West Bengal and the carnage caused by, have nothing to do with Maoism and Maoist style of activities. Maoism disdains to justify any attack aimed at common people.

In spite of the statement from P.C.P.A (Peoples Committee against Police Atrocities) disowning their responsibilities with sabotage and carnage the haste to attribute the responsibility on P.C.P.A and to raise the Maoist phobia are sinister and with a wicked motive. This is explicit from the reports about finding out posters attributed to P.C.P.A from the site and the hasty campaign for a military intervention at the struggle affected area .It creates more mystery around this heinous sabotage and the carnage.

We condemn this and demand for a threadbare investigation to expose the truth so soon.

Chairman, Porattom

Acting Secretary, Struggle India
Ph: 9249713184

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