Saturday, August 7, 2010

RSS finds a friend in CPI(M)

Now that veteran CPI(M) leader and Kerala chief minister V.S. Achuthanandan has endorsed the Sangh Parivar views that there is an attempt going on in kerala to convert it in to an Islamic state, RSS has given him space in their mouthpiece Organiser. Here is the article appeared in the Organiser, the RSS mouthpiece lauding V.S. Achuthanandan's efforts to corner the Muslims. Its title itself is"Kerala CM declares war on Jehadis"

Islamic suicide squads in Kerala
Achuthanandan blames Congress of shielding, supporting Islamist terrorists

By Arun Lakshman from Thiruvananthapuram

According to a recent report of the Central Intelligence Bureau, the Popular Front of India has created a strong 25000 suicide squad which is getting ready for any operation in the state and elsewhere to create distrust among the people and to try and generate a civil war in the state.

AS days pass the depth and the volume of penetration that the Islamic fundamentalist organisation, Popular Front of India (PFI) has reached is giving sleepless nights to the police and the investigating agencies in the state.

According to a recent report of Central Intelligence Bureau, the Popular Front of India has created a strong 25000 suicide squad which is getting ready for any operation in the state and elsewhere to create distrust among the people and to try and generate a civil war in the state.

Police sources told this correspondent that this strong suicide squad is in fact acting on certain remote controls whose reins are across the border. Interestingly and alarmingly, police sources informed that the present leaders of the Popular Front who are in the forefront and in public view representing the organisation, have no role to play in controlling the "army" created by the Popular Front, which is in fact alarming. Police and central intelligence agencies are of the belief that this self-sustained and highly motivated army, would be used by the organisation if and when the need arises and the investigating agencies are worried with the feeling that the harm this could cause to the ordinary man on the street and it would naturally be a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

The state Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan while speaking in the state legislative assembly confirmed the creating of Darul Khada and said that the Popular Front was behind it also. The Home Minister however refused to confirm whether the twenty two deaths attributed to the NDF was part of the order from the Taliban court. The CPI-M leader P Jayarajan who is parliamentary party leader of the CPI-M in the state assembly was however harsh on the NDF and the PFI and in a press conference outside the legislative assembly he said that the PFI has to be curbed as it is introducing Taliban court in the state and that it would create severe rift in Kerala society.

Jayarajan the other day quoted the example of the Popular Front activists stabbing to death a leading advocate, Jagadish, who was the district president of BMS. The CPI-M leader said that this murder executed by the PFI activists was on a Taliban court order. Jayarajan has directly accused the Muslim League senior leader PK Kunhalikkutty by announcing that he was involved with Popular Front and that there were several functions in Malappuram district under the banner of the Popular Front and several leaders of the Muslim League who are close to Kunhalikutty had attended the function.

The arrest of certain Popular Front leaders and the subsequent raids conducted on the offices of the organisation in connection with the chopping of the right palm of Prof Joseph has led to the unearthing of several incriminating documents which give a call for civil war against the country. The police have already arrested two Popular Front activists Dr Raneesh and Nishad under the National Security Act for keeping and propagating anti-national sentiments. The police also seized a book Jehad which was translated by the Bangalore bomb blast accused Sarfraz Nawaz. Police sources said that this book was totally against the Indian nation and has given a clarion call to the cadres to take to the arms and fight for independence from India.

Police have also found out that the Popular Front of India has indulged in several activities including Love Jehad which is for increasing the Muslim percentage and more of a moral victory of the gullible Hindu and Christian communities.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Kerala unit has already started a Hindu helpline and according to its leaders they have received several calls for dire help from girls who were trapped in the guise of love from campuses and even outside. Sources told Organiser that the Popular Front has been actively targeting Hindu and Christian girls for converting them into Islam in the guise of love with Muslim boys.

However the Kerala High Court had in a judgement said that Love Jehad was not practised in the state.

This observation of the court was nullified when the state Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan in a press conference in Delhi, the other day openly announced that the Islamic fundamentalist organisation Popular Front of India, was trying to convert non-Muslims into Muslim community and for that they were even using the institution of marriage. This statement from a CPI-M Chief Minister has blown of a lid of secularism created in the state after the High Court judgement.

With the CPI-M state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan also supporting the Chief Minister in the fight against Popular Front’s activities in the state, the CPI-M seems to be taking the bull by its horns.

However the central intelligence agencies have informed their apprehensions on the investigation by the state police. Sources told this correspondent that a former top officer of the state police who is alleged to have personal rapport with the Popular Front state leaders is giving clandestine support to the organisation in this case. There are reports that this officer who is now based in Delhi in a top post was recently in the state to attend the marriage of the kin of a prominent Malayalee NRI businessman and had struck a deal with the Popular Front of India leadership. There are doubts whether his influence among the top police officers of the state would torpedo the investigation.

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