Monday, March 18, 2013

Work Like Chávez

by Rebel Diaz


"Check out the latest track from Rebel Diaz, a tribute to the recently-deceased Venezuelan President, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, perhaps the most important political leader of our generation. . . .  The intro sample is from legendary Venezuelan musician and activist, Alí Primera.  The words translate as 'Those who die for life cannot be called dead.  From this moment on, mourning is prohibited.'  The sample in the main beat is from Simón Díaz, one of the most important figures in Venezuelan folk music." -- Carlos Martinez AKA Agent of Change

I cant front im upset that they took our buildin 
Next Thing the Comandante man I know they killed him 
Something goin on I gotta read the signs 
Somethin telling me that its about that time 
Time to step it up cuz I still smell sulfur 
Still smell the money in this capitalist culture 
so im dedicatin verses to my boy jamil 
He out there in Venezuela.. Frontline its real! 
Hunts Point New York 2005 
That’s when I realized the revolution soo alive 
We aint never had a president come around mine 
He brought OIL for the poor in the wintertime 
He showed Love to the Bronx that’s called Solidarity 
We show love back aint no politician scarin me 
Anti imperialist til I we go delirious 
The work is getting serious….that’s why they keep fearin us!! 

Do the mathematics Hugo Chavez was the baddest 
I gotta work Chavez… (2X) 
In Caracas 
El proceso va palante 
In Chicago 
El proceso va palante 
In the South Bronx 
El proceso va palante 
it goes worldwide 
El proceso va palante 

This movement ain’t defeated, 
La lucha sigue 
Dentro de todos esa rebeldia existe 
La CIA comete crimen 
Igual las ideas viven 
Aqui el pueblo decide 
No lo que los medios dicen 
Queren parar una cultura alternativa 
Fijate desde el bronx hasta america latina 
Capitalista van 
Capitalista vienen 
Buscan tus bienes 
Queren hacer lo que queren 
Ahora decimos NO! 
No al imperialismo, 
Al neoliberlismo 
Los bancos, 
los ricos 
Ni un millonario 
Chavez fue solidaario 
Ni Bush ni Obama llegaron a ayudarnos 
No lo olvidamos, 
Mas que Venezolano, 
esto cruza frontera 
Hip hop bolivariano 
America unida 
Como creamos ese frente? 
Solidaridad por todo el continente! 


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