Friday, March 11, 2011

International Call: A Week of Solidarity with People’s War in India



In India the people’s war is intensifying day by day. Led by Maoist
Communist Party of India it involves and has the support of millions of poor farmers, women, masses of untouchables, and now controls about ten States of the Confederation of India.

That’s a people’s war against poverty, feudal capitalistic exploitation, in the regions where most acute are the contradictions produced by the turbulent development of plundering resources, caste oppression and exploitation, by the Indian capital linked to imperialism.

With the help and support of the imperialists and especially the American imperialists, the Indian reactionary ruling classes are trying to suffocate the revolutionary movement, carrying out huge atrocities, whose barbarism there is no precedent.

The Indian government on behalf of imperialism describes the People’s War as the greatest threat to internal security, and launched against it across the country an unprecedented offensive, under the name of “Operation Green Hunt” with a large deployment of ultra-armed troops, Police and paramilitary forces trying to sow terror and genocide in the peoples of India, through raids, indiscriminate destruction, rapes and mass murders, arrests and disappearances, trying to assassinate the leaders, as occurred with Comrade Azad, a top Maoist leaders of the CPI(M). All this with the illusion of drowning in blood the struggle of a people for liberation.

But the Indian popular masses unite in the People’s War, giving rise to large protests and strikes against rising prices, corruption and state terrorism.

The imperialist governments, the United States, Europe, Russia, and their mass media support the criminal action of the Indian government; but in these countries also grows complaint and solidarity.

The Indian masses, led by the Maoist Communist Party of India, are writing an historical page in the class struggle in the current world.

The development of people’s war in India confirms that the revolution today is the main trend in the world and that Maoism assumes the role of command and leadership in the new wave of world revolution against the imperialism in crisis.

The proletariat of the whole world realizes that the advancement of people’s war in India calls into question not only the balance of power in the south Asian region but also in the disposition of the imperialist world system.

The International Committee in support of the people’s war launches a great international campaign, to be conducted in all forms, in most number of countries as possible, through a week of action, from 2nd to 9th April 2011.

This campaign is and must be the expression of proletarian internationalism and advancement of the unity of the international proletariat, of revolutionaries, democratic forces and the oppressed nations and peoples around the world.



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