Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Struggle India Statement condemning the Attack against Libya

Struggle India

Press Release

Condemn the Barbarous Incursion and Intervention

The Single spark from Tunisia is spreading like a prairie fire through out the Arab world. A wave of spontaneous mass struggles is sweeping across the Arab countries like Egypt, Bahrain & Libya etc. No doubt, the tide is against the reactionary and totalitarian imperialist puppet rulers of these countries and their policies.

Not only the reactionary rulers of these countries but the imperialists including US also got upset and trembled at these developments. And they indulged in various intravenous and interventions to deceive and defeat the struggling masses and install their own new guards in order to maintain their hegemony and exploitations over these countries.

With the direct united armed action on Libya and the UN sanction for it, the intention of the imperialist powers has become more explicit. Since countries like the US, France, Britain and Italy have a history of being the terminator of freedom, democracy and development in third world countries, it is a great joke to say that the present armed attacks are to save democracy in Libya. It is nothing but a shear barbarous incursion and intervention into the sovereignty and freedom of Libyan people and in the internal affairs of Libya. Let the destiny of Libya be decided by its own people. We vehemently condemn the united armed action by imperialism that assumes itself as an ‘International Police’. By giving sanction for the imperialists’ armed attacks on Libya, the UN itself has taken the role of a marshal in this war.

We urge all democratic, patriotic forces and people of our land to raise their voice against this aggression at Libya. We warn that the struggling people of the Arab world, particularly Libya have to be extra vigilant against the danger of the wolf which is trying to enter on various pretexts through the back door, while driving out the tiger through front door. On this occasion we would also like to invite the attention to the statement of Tunisian Maoist Communist Party, “the agenda must not be confined to change the guards only but they should extend to changing the whole system itself”.

Palakkad/ Keralam, M.N.Ravunni,
MOB: 09249713184

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