Friday, March 11, 2011

Representatives of Tunisian revolutionary movement coming to Italy greetings to Hamma Hammami and Ahlem Jaffel

The CARC Party gives its regards to all the comrades who join the initiative “Subjects and experiences of workers’ struggles and social movements within the crises in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea”, organized by the Communists’ Network on 12th March 2011 in Rome.

We specially greet Hamma Hammami, spokesperson of the Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party, and Ahlem Jaffel, member of the Assembly for the Protection of the Revolution of Tunisia.

We ask the Tunisian comrades to give our regards to the Tunisian popular masses in struggle, and we share the wishes of the (new) Italian Communist Party, which just after Ben Ali’s flight wrote:

“We wish the Tunisian masses to get decisive successes in the struggle to face the general crisis of capitalism that also disrupts their country. It aggravates the suffering of the masses but also undermines the neo-colonial regime that the “International Community”, the imperialist powers headed by Washington for decades impose on Tunisia so as on many other countries that during the first wave of proletarian revolution got rid of the old colonial system. For years GDP, corruption, wealth and waste of the ruling classes have grown hugely and in parallel the misery of the mass of the population doomed to instability and emigration increased. The terminal phase of the general crisis of capitalism and the environmental crisis force to find new solutions. The popular masses of Tunisia can win. With their initiative they show the way that other countries will follow. They strengthen the new wave of world proletarian revolution.

Let their struggle be an example for the masses of our and other Mediterranean countries: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco!

Let their victory be a stimulus to our struggle! The enemy is the same! “

From Tunisia a clear message comes: the popular masses can overthrow even the most brutal regimes. The support of the International Community, the holy alliance of the imperialist powers headed by the U.S. is not enough to keep them standing. Their end will be much faster and clearer and much less destructive and painful, the more the working class and the masses are organized!

The revolution of the masses in Tunisia shows that it is the mobilization of the popular masses that overthrows the regimes, and shows us the fundamental role that the trade unions play if they take also a political task, if they take the initiative and generalize the rebellion and the disobedience of the popular masses. That was and is the role of the General Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT), this may be the role of trade unions as the FIOM [Metal Workers Federation, Note of Translator] and USB [Base Union, Note of Translator] in Italy to overthrow Berlusconi’s government, to impose an emergency people’s government able to immediately remedy the worst effects of the economic and environmental crises.

This government will be the most effective barrier to the attempts of military aggression by the imperialists in the Arab and Muslim countries in order to keep the political and economic control on them.

This government will be the most effective barrier against the reactionary mobilization of the masses promoted by warmonger and racist politicians and governments.

This government will be a step towards the socialist revolution in our country, and will be the greatest form of support for the revolution underway in the Arab and Muslim countries and for the development of world revolution.

We invite everyone to join initiative, and firstly trade unions as FIOM, whose role as a landmark in the struggle against Marchionne and Confindustria [Italian Manufacturers’ Association, Note of Translator], against the Berlusconi government and the reactionary drift it promotes, it has become clear since the manifestation of 16th October 2010 unto this day. To tackle and to exchange experiences are a valuable means for the development of international solidarity and proletarian internationalism.

Long live the revolution of the popular masses in Tunisia and in all the Arab and Muslim countries!

Long live international solidarity!

Let’s follow the example the revolution of the masses of the Arab and Muslim countries, let’s overthrow the regime in power in Italy, let’s form an emergency government, a People’s Bloc Government!

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