Friday, March 11, 2011

New Fear for Indian State: International Support for India’s Maoists

This piece of news appeared in The Times of India warns opinion-makers and oppressors in India that support is building internationally for the Maoists of India. Obviously this is a call for the Indian state to act against this.

NEW DELHI: If the government is finding it difficult to combat growing Maoist movement and its violent ways across the country, it now has more reasons to be concerned. The movement seems to be garnering international support, thanks to a solidarity initiative launched by Maoist parties and groups across the world. Their slogan — “Let’s sustain the people’s war in India” — does not augur well for the government.

According to a statement made by “International Committee to Support the People’s War in India,” a week-long international campaign to “sustain” the people’s war in the country will be held from April 2 to 9, 2011 across nations.

Posters have been made in various languages — like French and Spanish –showcasing the CPI (Maoist) cadres and their slogans in Hindi.

“International Committee in support of the people’s war launches a great international campaign, to be conducted in all forms, in the most number of countries as possible, through a week of action,” states an official release. It, however, does not specify what “all forms” refer to.

“This campaign is the expression of proletarian internationalism and advancement of unity of the international proletariat, of revolutionaries, democratic forces and oppressed peoples around the world,” says the release.

Encouraging the Left-wing extremism in India, the statement claims, “Indian masses, led by the Maoist Communist Party of India, are writing an historical page in the class struggle in the current world. In India the people’s war is intensifying… Led by CPI(Maoist), it has support of millions of poor farmers, women, masses of untouchables, and now controls about 10 states of the confederation of India… That’s a people’s war against poverty, feudal, capitalistic exploitation…”.

The forum also raises the human rights violation issue. “The Indian government describes the People’s War as the greatest threat to internal security, and launched against it an unprecedented offensive, under the name of operation “green hunt” through raids, indiscriminate destruction, rapes and mass murders, arrests and disappearances, trying to assassinate the leaders, as occurred with Comrade Azad,” it adds.

The solidarity forum does not name its member groups. But, Maoist movement in the form of World People’s Resistance Movement (UK), Communist Party of Philippines, Maoist Communist Party of Italy, Revolutionary Communist Party (Canada), and Maoist groups in France and US are likely to be participate in it.

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